Produces Accurate Production Files

LED Wizard is often thought of as an estimating software, and while that’s true, it is also production software. The LED Wizard 8 Production Edition includes several functions to help you quickly and accurately produce the jobs that you laid out. 

  1. Router Layer – creating and exporting the router layer helps ensure that the correct number of modules are put in the right place. This data is used to mark or etch a line for each module, or a continuous path with a small notch, directly onto your letter backs or cabinet backer.
  2. Auto Mounting Holes Tool – this creates a clean set of mounting and/or wiring holes for your channel letters or cabinet in one automated tool. If your approach to creating this kind of data involves endless copying and pasting of a little circle that you imported, then take a look at this tool!
  3. Channel Letter Return Plots – the next best thing to an automated bending machine, this feature creates return patterns that you can tape up to your returns for accurate bending. If you are bending your returns using a manual process, then throw away your tape measure and plot your return patterns
  4. Full Scale Vector Export – for an estimate, the export of the final job is to a PDF file scaled to a standard page size. But for production export, a full scale DXF export or one more data layers to your router or CNC machine is what you need. 

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