Frequently Asked Questions

We have a current FAQ on LW7 that will be updated for LW8.

General (4)

The LED Wizard 8 monthly license subscription is free. The Production Edition is US $24.95 a month.

LED Wizard is the sign industry’s leading software for the layout of LED modules in channel letters and sign cabinets.


Aries Graphics International, Inc., the original developer of LED Wizard, was acquired by Principal Lighting Group, LLC earlier this year. Principal is now driving the software forward as the owner and developer of the platform.

LED Wizard 8 is only available in English at this time, but additional languages will be available in the future.

Installation/Setup (3)

LED Wizard 8 requires a 64-bit operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11. Older versions of Windows are not supported.

64 bit Operating System

LED Wizard 8 requires a 64-bit operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The software is 64-bit only starting with LED Wizard 8 and will not run on 32-bit Windows editions.

Network Access

You must be online when you are launching and running LED Wizard 8. Each launch will log in to our server to check your license and download any recent updates from the LED database.


A minimum of 16GB of RAM is required, but 32GB is recommended for better performance.


The minimum recommended number of CPU cores is 2. LED Wizard 8 currently doesn’t make use of multiple cores, but may in future updates, so a 4 core system or better is a good future proof option.

Disk Space

The download for LED WIzard 8 is about 160MB, but you should have a comfortable amount of free hard drive disk space at all times to operate the software.

Yes and No. LED Wizard 8 can run on a Mac, but only in a Windows emulation environment. There is not a native Mac version of of LED Wizard.

LED Module Data (1)

  • Principal Sloan
  • SloanLED
  • Bounce LED (AU and NZ customers)

LED Wizard Store (1)

Production Files (2)

Channel Letter Return Plots module.

Yes, with the Production Edition you can export a full scale DXF file that can be used with your bending machine. Please contact your machine vendor for specific instructions on this process.

Stats and Title Blocks (1)

Once an LED layout is completed, and you merge to the select title block template, a cast array of statistics are available for that job. These range from the basic module and power supply counts to the area, perimeter, and dimensions, to total watts, amp draw, and a variety of additional options. These stat objects can be configured in your title block template and automatically updated on each job.

Please see Auto Stats and Title Block Merging in the Documentation for more information.

Tech Support (1)

There are three levels of Support for LED Wizard 8:

  1. Documentation Only – this includes the Documentation Site, support videos, and this FAQ.
  2. Basic Support – this adds an online support form where you can submit questions, Email support, and Phone support.
  3. Premium Support – this adds Online Support Sessions and Ticket Tracking.

Please see the LED Wizard 8 Store for more information. 

Troubleshooting (1)

LED Wizard can import artwork in a variety of vector and raster based formats using the Import Tool.

Vector formats include PDF, AI, EPS, DXF, and more.

Raster formats include JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and more.

Please see Import and Data Clean Up Tool in the Documentation for more information.