Supports Custom Branding

LED Wizard 8 includes a robust title block and statistics infrastructure that allows you to uniquely brand your layouts.

The title block template can have your logo, contact information, legal statements, and other “static” data in addition to the specific job data and editable text fields.

Here is part of one of the Principal LED templates, where you can see five different categories of objects:

  1. Logo and Contact Info – you can import your logo in a standard format and type or import your contact info.
  2. Legal Statement – this can be a text object, usually placed along the top or bottom of the template.
  3. Editable Text Fields – you would update for each job, such as Title, Job No., Customer, Program, etc.
  4. Job Data – these fields will automatically be updated from your job…and there are a lot of options here.
  5. From the Job Tab – here you can select the Face Material, Designer, Lighting Option, and Page Size for export.

The title block system also supports multiple templates that you can easily select in the drop down list. Examples of different templates include horizontal and vertical, product specific templates, application specific templates, program specific templates, and more.

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