Stats and Title Blocks

LED Wizard 8 supports a large set of statistics that are cleanly embedded in standard or customized title block templates. You can even set up multiple title blocks for different purposes, such as type of application, product(s) used, vertical or horizontal orientation, and more.

The statistics are set up as data variables that are dynamically updated with the correct values from your job. You can also set up static data objects, as well as data variables where you pick from a list.

What kind of statistics are we talking about? Summary data abut the job, such as the name, part number, and quantity of the module and power supply used, total watts, and dimensions.  There is also data that can help in estimating additional materials for the job, such as Perimeter for trim cap and return coil and Area for face and back materials.  If it is relevant information to an estimate, then there is a data variable that you can put into your title block.

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